I know I’ve been posting a lot of afternoon photos of the kids in the backyard, but I just can’t help it. It’s like fall heard that it’s not my favorite season so it’s upping the ante with beautiful, golden light. Fall means winter is coming, so though I love the angle of the sun […]

The late afternoon light


Every afternoon my two napping kids wake up around 4, and after a quick snack we go outside. When we first moved, my kids seemed uncomfortable and listless in the yard, which was a total shock to me. Our new yard is bigger and has more places to dig and explore, but they just weren’t really […]

Come on in! Take your coat off and stay a while!

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We’ve been in our new house for five whole months. Doesn’t it feel like longer than that? Maybe it just feels that way to me because I have been counting down the days until my toddler grows out of that cute phase he’s in where he throws my shoes into the kitty litter, and BOY are the […]



Every afternoon we have about an hour after naps and before dinner, and I’m trying to get in the routine of going outside. I wish going outside to play only involved me saying, “KIDS! LET’S GO OUTSIDE TO PLAY!” But that’s simply not the case. I won’t bore you with the details but there are shoes and […]

The annual Krieger family trip to the pumpkin patch-ish


It was nearly 80 degrees yesterday in Richmond. 80 degrees. 80 degrees and still people were wearing Uggs and beanies because in fall people lose their minds, and the ability to feel the actual temperature is muted by their excitement for the season. I get it. Ok, I actually don’t get it. Because I’m already ready […]

Neighbors to friends


In the summer, our neighborhood had Popsicle parties every Friday. I posted about it on Instagram and several people asked me about the logistics. It’s this simple: the person in charge of our neighborhood association emailed everyone at the beginning of the summer with a calendar. Anyone who wanted to host signed up for a […]


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I’m trying to get the kids outside as much as possible. There are a hundred reasons, but at the top of the pile are 1) When we’re outside Thomas is happier and it’s almost impossible for him to get into the toilet from the yard 2) winter is coming. Like most of the south eastern […]

Only my absolute most valuable customers

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Every year around this time I start to get an regular orders from my Etsy shop. (Which, side note, so impressive, right? There are people who are Christmas shopping ALREADY. In OCTOBER! I imagine these people also show up to places at the afore-scheduled time. And probably also clean their home’s windows.) As a result I start carrying knitting […]

Month 16

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Thomas turned 16 months two weeks ago. I considered skipping this month entirely, but I’m going to do an update because Thomas has reached the age that all he does is change and learn and in two weeks or probably even by the time I finish typing this, he’ll be doing and saying a hundred new things. […]


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Last weekend we went to Franklin County to visit my parents. It was a quick end-of-summer visit; the kids got to close out the summer swimming in Grammy and Gramps’s pool and to catch up with cousin Gabby. (Visiting from Canada!) So these photos are technically from last week. More like 39.5 instead of 40. A […]